Why Seton?

What Makes Us Unique

We are more than a school.

We are a community of faith, friends, educators, leaders, and learners.

A Community of Faith

Our school incorporates a faith component into all our activities.  Imagine your child having opportunities to pray, sit in adoration, attend weekly Mass, pray the rosary, participate in Stations of the Cross, and enjoy faith-centered retreats.  We know how important your child’s spiritual formation is, and we are highly committed to fostering spiritual formation in all our students.

An Exceptional Staff

Our faculty is warm, accessible, devoted, and creative.  Our teachers bring a wealth of experience totaling approximately 175 years, providing our students with highly qualified teachers who excel in their areas of expertise.  Our faculty’s diverse backgrounds serve as an asset to the climate and culture at Seton. Our teachers recognize the tremendous responsibility on their shoulders for not only educating your child but also leading them in character and moral formation.  The Seton faculty provides a positive school experience and forms strong relationships with our students, showing that they care for them as people.

Strong Academics

We offer STREAM learning, which is a cohesive program including Science, Technology, Religion, English, Arts, and Mathematics. The PACE Dual Enrollment Program allows eligible high school students to earn both high school and college credits by successfully completing college courses during their junior and senior years.  We have AP classes available, as well.  Our science lab is state of the art.  Our curriculum considers the holistic formation of the student, mind, body, and spirit, beyond their academic formation.

An Expansive Arts Program

Seton offers a wealth of opportunity to discover and express oneself through fostering creativity and ingenuity in their students while inspiring success in their everyday lives.  The Seton student experience is real-world problem-solving skills through the arts.  There is an opportunity to delve into their individual creativity through exploring beauty in fine arts, ceramics, sculpture, and media arts, including the use of a state-of-the-art kiln, which allows students to create ceramic art masterpieces.  They can master varied musical skills including the use of a beautiful piano lab.  Students find their voice through poetic and creative writing opportunities.  Our exceptional Drama program allows students to learn the art of theater while entertaining the entire Seton family.

Opportunities for All to Find Their Place

Our students are part of a small and safe school atmosphere, allowing them to form close friendships that will last a lifetime.  Our principal and teachers know each student personally, allowing them to foster their unique gifts.  Students are in a Christian culture that encourages the expression of who they are, created uniquely in the image of God.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is an extended family for all our students to experience.

We Are Part of a Larger Community

As a Catholic school, part of a universal Church, our students learn to have a heart for others.  Our outreach programs teach them how to serve the poorest of the poor.  Experiences are offered which help students to learn empathy and compassion for their neighbors.  Our school helps a student to accomplish the true love of his/her neighbor.

A Strong Athletic Program

Our school offers over a dozen sports that are tailored to our students’ interest levels, including basketball, volleyball, and cross country running.  We offer both junior varsity and varsity levels of participation.  School spirit is high, and our game schedules are busy.  There is a place for all levels of talent and interest in our sports programs.  Students learn good sportsmanship and team effort.

A Beautiful New School 

Our school was completed in October, 2016.  Area Catholic churches came together to raise the funds to provide an outstanding school for Catholic middle and high school students.  State-of-the-art technology was installed in all our classrooms.  A state-of-the-art science lab was constructed.  Our grounds are ample for future expansion.  A beautiful sign was installed out front.  There is a lovely and serene chapel for Masses, a chapel for the Blessed Sacrament, and a large gathering area.

7:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

One of the greatest advantages of our school is the low 7:1 student/teacher ratio.  Each student is provided with personal attention and teaching, according to their needs and/or gifts.  Personalized plans for education are afforded to each student.  A teacher has ample time to offer extra help as needed.  Teachers are also very accessible to the parents.