The Fine Arts

The Fine Arts at Seton

The Seton Fine Arts Department strives to inspire a lifetime appreciation of the arts. The faculty commits to expand poignant and technical skills and creates an appreciation of the craft, guiding students through the historical and cultural significance of the arts.  

Seton Catholic’s Fine Arts Classes enable students to solve problems where there is more than one “correct” answer to a problem.  Investigation happens using modalities of intelligence. Students develop their ability to design from structure based and intuition based, while fostering their God given talents. The Fine Arts Classroom is an active, student centered classroom, bursting with ideas. The Seton student develops their artistic skills preparing them to think creatively, outside of the classroom. 

In Studio Art, students learn techniques, the artistic process, and art history. They work with multiple mediums including graphite, watercolor, acrylic, and clay. 

In the 3D/Sculpture/Ceramics Course, students learn ceramics and sculpture-making techniques, the artistic process, and art history. Students learn hand-building, throwing techniques, and sculpting. Students produce works in clay, wood, metal, foam, and other recycled media.

In Digital Arts, students use Photoshop and other digital tools to explore the art of digital design. We focus on the application of the design process to create designs that communicate specific meanings and meet specific needs. Students taking this course build on their understanding of how visual design can affect many different aspects of our culture.