Academics Overview


At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, students receive a world-class education.  With a low student-teacher ratio and setting the highest expectations, teachers help students reach their full academic potential. Seton Catholic has a comprehensive career and college readiness program.  Students work inside the classroom as well as in real-world experiences outside the classroom through internships, college tours, and excursions.  This creates a journey, preparing them for their future.  

Academic Calendar & Scheduling

The number of days in the school calendar follows the Diocese of Charleston requirements, i.e., 180 days with students present, and with specified Diocesan Professional Development, follows a flexible collegiate schedule. All students will complete eight credits per year.

Academic Tools: Textbooks and Technology

Seton Catholic students are challenged to use both textbooks and technology under the School’s forward-looking program of integration of electronic learning tools with traditional written texts, e.g., virtual schooling opportunities.

Academic Reporting

Seton Catholic communicates with parents and guardians regularly on student progress through written, personal, and electronic communication.

Grading Scale

The Seton Catholic high school and middle school grading scales are weighted, reflective of college-prep, honors, and AP classes according to the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale.

Grading Scale

High School and Middle School Specific Academic Information

Graduation Requirements
All Students must accumulate 30 academic credits in order to graduate from Seton Catholic HS.

Students must:

  • Successfully complete thirty Carnegie Units
  • Complete 130 hours of Community Service
  • Take the PSAT and either the SAT or the ACT

Course Requirements for Graduation 

  • Theology 4.0 
  • English 4.0
  • Mathematics 4.0
  • Science 3.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
  • One Foreign Language 3.0
  • Phys. Ed. / Health 1.0
  • Computer 1.0
  • Fine Arts 1.0
  • Academic Electives 6.0
  • Total Carnegie Units 30 

Community Service Requirements for Graduation
Seton Catholic HS is an institution that depends on the community and, in turn, wishes to serve the community. As such, Seton Catholic HS will require its students to complete a total of 130 hours of community service during their high school attendance.

College Guidance
The Seton Catholic HS offers college guidance to help students navigate the "college match" process. The Guidance Office will provide a college counselor who will be available to assist students with the scheduling of courses, scholarship opportunities, college selection, college applications and essays, standardized testing, and transcripts.

High School Course Offerings

Community Service Requirements for Graduation
Community service is part of our culture here at Seton.  Opportunities will be given to participate in community service.

School Guidance
Seton Catholic offers guidance to help the students acclimate to their middle school environment. The guidance counselor is available for students needing counseling support.

Middle School Course Offerings

Faculty & Staff

In the spirit of our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic High School students, our educators are above the bar in every respect. All teachers are veterans in their respective fields and teach at a pinnacle level.  Each teacher possesses a wealth of knowledge and is a specialist in curriculum and instruction.  Our faculty’s diverse backgrounds serve as an asset to the climate and culture at Seton.  Our teachers possess a combined total of over 175 years of classroom instruction, having taught in the most southern, northern, western, and eastern parts of the continental United States and all points in-between. The Seton teacher is masterful in his/her subject, providing research-based instruction. Our teachers integrate technology and create a positive learning environment with consistency, fairness, and engaging instruction.  They know their learners and are flexible and responsive to them.  

Our faculty is warm, accessible, devoted, and creative.  In the classroom, our teachers have clear objectives for our students, and they communicate, listen, and maintain high expectations. Outside the classroom, our teachers regularly connect with parents, collect, and analyze data, as well as collaborate with colleagues for effective equitable instruction. Their teaching practices are adapted and their passion for learning and self-development is indisputable. 

The Seton faculty provides a positive school experience and forms strong relationships with our students, showing that they care for them as people. Our faculty teaches at Seton because they are active in the Catholic Church, want to strengthen the Catholic family, and above all, always represent Seton to the best of their ability. Our teachers go above and beyond providing for their students like they are family.  

Fine Arts

Through the Arts at Seton Catholic, our students discover their own voice.  They learn to make good judgments. They acquire the knowledge that there is more than one solution to a problem and that a problem can have multiple answers.  

The Seton student experiences real-world problem-solving skills through the arts.  Students learn about perspective and discover ways to see and interpret the world around them.  They learn to express themselves in ways that words in their literal form or numbers cannot.  Students delve into their poetic and creative writing capabilities to find their voice.  When Seton students explore the arts, they discover a scope and variety of what they are capable of feeling.  

No matter what a student's passion is, Seton has a course or club that fosters individual creativity.  Whether it is learning a musical instrument, singing in a choir, performing in plays, or exploring beauty in fine arts, ceramics, sculpture, and media arts, Seton offers a wealth of opportunities to create and articulate oneself.  Seton Catholic fosters creativity and ingenuity in their students while inspiring success in their everyday lives.