Technology and Innovation

Technology & Innovation

At Seton Catholic, we teach about technology, we teach with technology, and students apply technology to real-life situations. Our curriculum educates students to meet challenges with creativity, using a variety of technologies. With a state-of-the-art MAC lab at the student's disposal, STREAM classes have access to new programs and expanded capabilities. Computer science courses are able to complete a wider range of projects. The sky’s the limit.


Students in middle school meet weekly for computer class to learn the essential computer application and online technology skills needed for personal, academic, and professional success. Students explore the various Google Apps for Education to conduct academic and personal research, create professional documents and presentations, work collaboratively across digital environments, and manage information efficiently. Students learn to create, edit, format, cite sources, store, and share documents, create and edit charts and graphs to interpret spreadsheet data, and apply functions to sort, calculate, and report data.  They also learn how to create professional slideshow presentations that include appropriate text formatting, templates, graphics, and animations. As students become more proficient in internet research, communication, collaboration, and effective retrieval of information, they gain strong foundational skills that will enhance their academic success across all disciplines.

Digital Technologies

This course teaches the skills needed to prosper in today’s digital world. The focus of the class is split between advanced MS Office work, responsible digital citizenship, and familiarizing the student with various forms of digital communication, including collaboration tools and multimedia visual presentations tools, such as iMovie and Prezi.

Computer Programming 1

This course teaches students how to make their own programs by learning the language of Java. By the end of the year, students are coding their own video games.

At-Home Learning

Seton is at the forefront of the innovation of at-home learning. We offer a Zoom classroom for our at-home learners. Teachers are able to deliver direct, live instruction, creatively integrating the virtual learner with the in-person learner, while answering any questions students have. Our at-home learners also participate in campus activities such as the living rosary and weekly Mass. This adds valuable structure to each student's day and has the added benefit of having our precious Seton family connected with each other.

HP Notebooks Grant

Seton receivedf a grant to provide HP Notebooks for every student.  This has assisted the students tremendously and brought Seton to the cutting edge on their technology services.